Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas time is here:)

Yesterday was a wonderful and fabulous Christmas-togetherness day!  My dad started a tradition of inviting family to come to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast the Saturday before Christmas.  If you don't know my dad there are a few words that describe him very well: selfless, giving, generous, always thinking of others.  We calculated and came to the conclusion that this was the ninth year of this tradition and it is one of our favorites.  Each year we grow in numbers and this year tops all of the previous years: a whopping total of 42!  He was smart and had everyone order before hand so that when we arrived our food was almost ready.  We had a whole room in the restaurant to ourselves and we enjoyed the time together!  Here are some pictures that didn't turn out so well.  I am most definitely not a photographer-but I am more than happy to take pictures:)

Carli and Zachary waiting to be seated

Brooke, Derek, and Carli

Me and Zach

Derek, Brooke, Lincoln, Carter

Kelly, Landon, Trevor, Ryan, Zach, Brandt

Brooke, Derek, Carli, Carter, Lincoln, Trevor, Jace, Jaxon

LaRae, Brad, Jet, Lance, Mark, Heidi

Grandpa B., Grandma B., Shawn, Brielle, Kim, Baylee, Kelly, Brandt, Janet

Lex, Bryson, Taylor, Maria, Steve, Kris, Tyler, Devon, Lauren

Bev, Marianne, Britt

Ryan, Landon, Jack

Rhett, Kate

Jace, Brielle, Baylee, Kim, Jaxon, Shawn

Lauren, Devon, Bryon, Tyler (Kris and Steve had to leave early)

Grandpa, Bev, Grandma

Grandma, Lance, Grandpa, Mark, Jet, LaRae, Brad, Heidi, Taylor, Maria

Rhett, Kate, Marianne (Britt and Jack had to leave early)

Me, my Dad, my Mom, Carli
 After breakfast we ran over to watch the end of Jack's basketball game.  He is an awesome player!  I love being able to support my nieces and nephews:)
Jack is on the left in the green
We got home just in time for Molly and Jordan (some high school friends who now live in Washington D.C.) to stop by and visit for a few minutes!  It was fun to see them.

I ran with my Mom to get a few things at Sam's Club.  I think that she has been shopping a little too much and her feet are worn out.  This is SO out of character for my Mom.  She seriously walked the whole store in her bare feet.  It cracked me up!
 A few hours later we headed down to my aunt and uncle's house in Orem for the Sharp Family Christmas Party.  We had a great time and it was so much fun to see family that I haven't seen in a long time!
 Instead of the usual white elephant exchange that we do, we did a favorite-Christmas-treat exchange.  I brought a bag of Cuties and I just had to include this fabulous treat:
Yes, doesn't it look divine?!  I received this little bag of goodies from a student this last week.  It looked too good and too tasty to eat on my own.  I just had to share it with someone I love dearly.  From looking at it you can see that it contains many fabulous food items: Chex, Trix, colored marshmallows, chocolate, nuts, and a few mystery items as well as a mystery coating.  I figured that others would feel the same way I do about the treat--that it is just too good to eat.  But to my surprise it became the treat that everyone wanted to/was dared to try!  Matt was the first to taste it...
 and then it continued to make its way around the circle.

 I must admit that I left that party still not trying a smidge of it.  And we still have not been able to identify all of the ingredients:)

 I love seeing these little boys in jammies and being able to cuddle them!  I love the little ones.

It was a wonderful day and I feel more in the Christmas Spirit!  Yay for Christmas and yay for time spent with loved ones.

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