Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I can't stay away too long...

I have so much to catch up on!  The past week was pretty eventful with graduation and moving from Logan back to West Jordan.  I had a great last couple of days with friends there and have enjoyed my time with friends and family here.  A graduation post will be coming soon:)  But right now, all I can focus on is going back to Logan tomorrow!  On Monday morning I received a call from the human resource department of Cache School District inviting me to interview with the principal at Sunrise Elementary in Smithfield for a 4th or 5th grade position.  I was ecstatic!  It actually surprised me at the excitement that I felt because I 4th or 5th grade (or anything but Kindergarten) were not my preferences.  But something just feels good about this so I am anxious for my interview!  I am also looking forward to being in Cache Valley again.  I really do miss it!  I am excited to be able to see friends and roommates again tomorrow.  My interview isn't until 4:40 so I will go to lunch with Becca before and then have dinner with other friends after.  It is a good balance between stressful and non-stressful activities.  Anyway, I am really hoping that the interview goes well!  Please pray for me!  I will let you know what happens!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Week in Logan

My days in Logan as a college student are coming to an end.  It is quite bittersweet.  I am stoked to graduate but sad to leave the best roommates ever, great friends, a fab apartment, a wonderful ward, and just the beauty of Cache Valley.  It is going to be an adjustment to not be in Logan and to not be a student (but really, who knows!  I could be back for a masters:)).  I decided I needed to live up these last couple of days here!  They have been pretty epic!  On Friday, as I was going to my interview with my supervisor to wrap everything up with student teaching, the bottom of my car fell off.  You are probably thinking, "How does the bottom of your car fall off?"  I thought the same thing.  All I know is that there was a big hunk of metal on the ground and my car wouldn't move....thanks to Jiffy Lube.  When I got my oil changed over Spring Break they hadn't put the bolts back in and they had only attached one of the two clips on the bottom.  So now I am sitting at the dealership getting it fixed.  Crazy!  But that is the only semi-negative thing that has happened in the past week!  The rest has been fabulous!

Friday night I went to an ice skating show at the Eccles Ice Center...fabulous!  Afterwards, we got our staches on for the Mustache Bash!  Check these babies out!  I really am glad I am not a boy...the facial hair just doesn't go with my face.  We had a great night dancing and raising money for Kristie's new leg!

We also had a sleepover and stayed up way late...I am definitely not a night owl but every once in a while it is worth it!  On Saturday I went to lunch with Tish and just got a few cleaning and organizing things done.  We went to Mirror, Mirror with a bunch of people that afternoon.  Strange but funny movie!  Better to watch with others so you laugh at each other as well as the movie!  That night I spent some time finishing up preparations for temple prep.  I have loved teaching that class this semester and I have learned so much.  I really am going to miss it!
On Sunday, Brooke, Linc, Carter, Mom, and Dad came up for family day in my student ward!  It was so nice of them to come!  I loved being at church with them and it was really special to have them there for my last temple prep lesson.  We had lunch at the church after the meetings and then we came back to my apartment and all had a little snooze.  At about 5, we had dinner with my roomies and just had a very enjoyable time together.  My Mom and Dad took off after that but Brooke and the boys stayed the night.  We went to the park and played for a while.  It was just a fabulous Sunday!

 On Monday we wanted to do something fun with Linc and Cart!  We took them to the Cache Valley Fun Park and we all had a blast!  It would have been a sight to see Brooke and I chasing each other all over the play place and sliding down the slide backwards and upside down.  I think we had more fun than the boys!  After all of that play and a little lunch, Brooke and the boys headed back home.  Thanks for coming guys!  Monday night I had my last FHE with my student ward.  Fun times.

The rest of the week I have been working on projects.  I will have to put some pics up of the things that I have made...but I can't just yet because it will spoil the surprise!  Today I will be packing and then my family will be up tomorrow and Saturday for graduation!  I will be sure to put some pics up of that great event!